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SD-JWT Module

This initiative is a part of the effort to make Aries Framework JavaScript (now Credo) a global framework by making it compliant with the standards defined in the European Digital Identity Architecture and Reference Framework (ARF).

Recently, the EU has been taking big steps toward the regulation and governance of digital identity solutions. This has been causing big waves globally in terms of what standards are gaining recognition. The Architecture Reference Framework (ARF) describes the current understanding of how Digital Identity will function in Europe. It describes the standards, architecture, and flows that the EU digital identity ecosystem needs to support. To build identity solutions that are interoperable and compliant with this ecosystem, new libraries and tools will have to be developed and existing ones adjusted.

This initiative involved the Animo team adding support for Selective Disclosure-Jason Web Token (SD-JWT) credentials as outlined in the ARF to Aries Framework JavaScript (AFJ).

Selective Disclosure for JSON Web Tokens (SD-JWT) is a specification for issuing and verifying JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) that allow for selective disclosure of claims. This means that the holder of an SD-JWT can choose to disclose only certain claims to a relying party while keeping other claims hidden. The ARF has adopted this credential format for remote verification flows.

🚀 This proposal has been fully funded and implemented as of December 2023. The results can be found in the different repositories surrounding Aries Framework JavaScript.