Senior Developer

Senior back-end engineer

Interested in this job, or have questions? Schedule a meeting with co-founder Ana to talk! We're looking for full time team members, at the moment we're not meeting with contractors.

Join a young team, working with a cutting-edge stack, building the technical foundation of decentralized digital identity. We're looking for an experienced engineer who is interested to grow with us as we move into product development and developer tooling.

As a senior back-end engineer at Animo you would determine direction and implement the architecture of open-source frameworks, internal products, and solutions for customers in Europe, Africa and Canada. You would work directly with the rest of the team, including the founders, to implement decentralized identity in several different domains.

Here's why you should work at Animo.

  • Our main focus is quality. This means we care about doing things the right way, not the quick/cheap/easy way.
  • Currently 85% of the work we do is contributing to open source projects. You'll work on digital infrastructure for everyone, not just for us or our customers.
  • We work directly with each other, there's no red tape or bureaucracy and no unnecessary meetings about things that are not important.
  • Salary between €4.000 - €6.000 a month, flexible working hours and flexible remote work.
  • Shares in the company

We are very development focused and are looking to stay that way. Our own projects are mostly built in TypeScript, which we use for both server side projects (Node.JS) but also for Mobile apps (React Native). We also work a lot with Python and are exploring Rust for new projects.

Things you’ll work on as a senior back-end engineer at Animo:

  • Architecture design for our product that will need to scale to millions of users.
  • Work with the latest standards and specifications from the decentralized identity ecosystem and translate this to working solutions.
  • Design and develop mobile and server side decentralized identity solutions using TypeScript in Node.JS and React Native.
  • Maintain and contribute to open source projects that form the foundation of our infrastructure.
  • Build resilient cloud infrastructure using tools like Kubernetes, ElasticSearch and Prometheus.

You'll learn a lot, do some of the most interesting work of your career, and have a great time doing it.

Want to know more about us and the work we do? Email or schedule a call directly.