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Decentralized Identity Workshop

Price: €4000

Our experts can provide a 6-8 hour workshop for your team on any number of subjects concerning decentralized identity. Both the business-oriented workshop and the tech-oriented workshop are hands-on and customized to your team and industry.

SSI and your Industry In this workshop, your team will learn everything they need to know to be ahead of the innovations surrounding digital identity. Together with Animo's team, you will do several hands-on exercises to create a strengths and weaknesses analysis for using the technology in your industry. In addition, the workshop results in a usable plan to take into account in your organisation's strategy.

How to build SSI solutions In this technical workshop, your team will learn about verifiable credential technology and its similarities and differences from known tech stacks. In addition, your team will build either a holder, issuer or verifier (or a combination of these) to get familiar with practical implementation. After this workshop, your team will have everything they need to get started, including an overview of available communities and open source projects.

We're always happy to think about your project with you. Looking for a more intensive multi-day workshop, or a more customized lesson plan? Reach out directly to our CEO ana@animo.id.