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SSI Consultancy

Price: €130 - €250 /hour depending on open source status and developer expertise

The Animo team has specialities in several areas in the decentralized identity domain. We can help your team with architecture, design or implementation and match them on their knowledge level.

You will get access to a Slack channel with your team and at least two Animo team members with matched expertise. We also recommend to set up a recurring video call to discuss progress and topics as they come up.

Animo's rates are always discounted for open source projects, in both development and consultancy capacities. To qualify for this discount, your codebase must be licensed under MIT or Apache 2.0.

Our expertise

  • Aries Framework JavaScript
  • Aries Cloud Agent Python
  • OpenID4VC
  • W3C
  • AnonCreds
  • DIDComm
  • Holder wallets
  • Verifier/issuer platform
  • React Native
  • Hyperledger Indy

We're always happy to think about your project with you, looking for a combination of consultancy and development? Or have a custom project you need input on? Reach out directly to our CEO ana@animo.id.