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White label identity wallet

Price: Starts at €20.000

This white-label identity wallet allows you to manage and present your digital credentials. Your data is stored locally on your device, meaning that you retain full control over your information and decide who you want to share it with. The clean and modern UI makes it easy for employees or customers to use, and your custom branding means they will experience the app how you intended.

What's included In addition to the wallet itself, we provide:

  • The customization of the logo, font, colors, icons, and other small modifications to UI to make it fit your branding.
  • The setup of an automated release pipeline, and we help you get the app released to stores.
  • Support in addressing any bugs in the wallet code that we delivered that you might encounter.

The tech

The mobile wallet is built in React Native and uses Aries Framework JavaScript to handle verifiable credentials and agent actions. The basic features supported are:

  • Receive credentials
  • Present credentials
  • View and manage credentials

The wallet supports two tech stacks. The default wallet comes with a tech stack of your choice. If you need to support both, that’s also an option, but will require additional work.

Stack 1: OpenID for Verifiable Credentials and W3C Verifiable Credentials Stack

  • OpenID for Verifiable Credential Issuance (OID4VCI)
  • OpenID for Verifiable Presentations (OID4VP)
  • SIOP V2
  • DIF Presentation Exchange
  • W3C Verifiable Credential JWT
  • did:web, did:jwk, did:key
  • Signature types ES256, EdDSA

Stack 2 :DIDComm and AnonCreds Stack

  • DIDComm v1
  • AnonCreds Credential Format
  • Issue Credential v2 (RFC 0453) and Present Proof v2 (RFC 0454)
  • Integration with Hyperledger Indy and Sovrin networks
  • Out of Band v1 (RFC 0434) and DID Exchange v1 (RFC 0023)

Additional support

We’re happy to help you customize your wallet with additional features. Some advanced features that can be added (outside the base wallet) are:

  • Integration with Secure Enclave
  • Integration with specific ledger types
  • Other signature suites and crypto types
  • Specific revocation methods
  • Different did methods
  • JSON-LD credentials

Additionally, if there’s any consultancy you need in extending your wallet yourself or getting your team up to speed surrounding the concepts of decentralized identity technology, there’s a special consultancy rate for the wallet. Use the contact form or email ana@animo.id for further information!