Animo Launches Paradym, a Workflow Builder for Digital Identity Solutions

After years of working on the framework and standards level of digital identity, Animo Solutions is excited to launch their SaaS platform Paradym. Paradym is a YAML workflow builder that enables developers to integrate verifiable credentials into their applications within hours instead of months.

Animo has experienced firsthand how difficult it can be for people to get started with building their verifiable credential project. You quickly get stuck in a long learning curve, complicated working group discussions and a lot of building from scratch. That's why Animo has leveraged it's expertise with digital identity to build Paradym.

Paradym aims to make integrating verifiable credentials into a solution just as simple as Stripe has made implementing payments. The platform enables you to build a worflow using a set of pre-defined actions, that you combine to create a process flow unique to your use case. By hosting all the infrastructure, and abstracting away a lot of complexity, Paradym is perfect to use verifiable credentials in your solution. You can use the technology in exactly the way you need, without adding months to your roadmap.

We're incredibly proud of the platform and think it is a real game changer in building digital identity solutions. Especially as we add new features in Q1 of 2024 like revocation and OpenID4VC support, the potential of Paradym is huge.

To learn more about Paradym, check out the website and start building using the free tier. To learn more about the potential Paradym has for your use case or organisation, contact us through or join the Paradym Slack Community.