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Animo receives EU grant for Self-Sovereign Identity development.

The NGI eSSIF-Lab program has selected Animo’s proposal for the Aries Mobile SDK during its third infrastructure-oriented open call. The Aries Mobile SDK is a fully open source SDK for React Native that allows developers to easily create cross-platform SSI solutions for any use case.

The Aries Mobile SDK is a complete toolkit for cross-platform iOS and Android development using React Native. With this one SDK, developers can build mobile SSI solutions for any use case. The Aries Mobile SDK is 100% open-source, focuses on interoperability and open standards, and is accessible for developers of any skill level. It aims to drastically lower the barrier of mobile SSI development.

Companies currently have to decide between gaining extraordinary technical expertise to implement functionality themselves (costing time and money), or using proprietary software. We've seen stakeholders encountering the same base technical requirements in every use case (cloud issuer, mobile holder, cloud/mobile verifier) while unable to iterate on a common base. Expensive experts are hired for very basic mobile development that could be handled in-house with the right SDK. There is an active need for accessible mobile development tools to increase adoption and innovation.

The Aries Mobile SDK contains reusable issuer, holder and verifier components as well as essential components for mobile development. Developers can either start from scratch or integrate a selection of components into their existing mobile app. The Aries Mobile SDK is credential format and DID method agnostic, and it uses the latest open standards to break out of the Indy & Aries ecosystem (e.g. W3C VCs, DIF PE, BBS+ Signatures). It enables any developer to build cross-platform solutions without having to understand lower-level functionality. Its accessible and easy-to-use APIs speed up development and lower maintenance over time. The Aries Mobile SDK fills the existing gap in mobile SSI development.

To learn more about the project, check out the slidedeck. To see the project as it develops, check out the github repo. To get involved contact us through or join the Aries Framework JavaScript working group call (information here).