Aries CLI project

Animo releases the Agent CLI to assist with self-sovereign identity development.

Self-sovereign identity development can be complicated and time-consuming. As we spend most of our day working on Aries based solutions, we decided to create and open-source a development CLI to make everyone’s life a bit easier.

The Agent CLI is a development tool that assists you with your Aries based self-sovereign identity development. The CLI makes it easy to create schemas, definitions and credentials, so you can test your Aries application. You can use it both for individual actions or to run automations. For example, using, agent-cli automate credential-offer you can get a generated credential offer to accept or use instantly.

There are three options to get started with the CLI. You can start without any setup using our community agent. You can connect your GitHub and claim a token to get an individual tenant environment using our multitenant agent. Or you can connect your own development agent to the CLI. All community agents are free to use and hosted by Animo.

The CLI offers extensive logging on multiple verbosity levels, and supports using different environments. We built it to use during our development process, so we’ll be expanding it as needed based on our and our community requirements.

You can download the CLI, check out the documentation and join the community Discord to discuss. We’d love to hear what you are using the Agent CLI for and what features you’d like to see!