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Animo Signs the FIDES Manifesto

Monday, after 7 years, marked the closing event for the Dutch Blockchain Coalition (DBC). The Dutch Blockchain Coalition has been a big factor in the Dutch decentralized ecosystem, connecting people and spearheading collaborative projects that focus on applying blockchain, digital trust, and identity. Those last two have become more of a focus in recent years within the community and are now getting a new start in FIDES.

Although chairman Rob van Gijzel said in his closing words that after seven years, he still wouldn't really call blockchain ready for prime time, those seven years have laid the groundwork for a new chapter. A chapter where we focus on digital trust and identity, based on a manifesto outlining seven rules for Digital Trust called FIDES.

FIDES is a continuation of all the work that has been done over the years in the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, but with a focus on Digital Trust, not blockchain. For Animo, this means that Projects that we started in the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, such as the Decentralized Identity Interop Profile (DIIP) or the Company Passport for organizational identity will find a new home at FIDES. We've seen that these projects can cross borders, as DIIP is already being adopted by organizations outside of the Netherlands.

Our immense thanks to Harmen van der Kooij and Victor van der Hulst for their effort on digital trust within DBC, and for launching FIDES!

The Dutch Blockchain Coalition's strength has always been its triple helix approach, where government, academia, and industry work together; FIDES will continue this approach with its focus on digital trust.

That's why we're excited to join FIDES and sign the Fides manifesto ( together with other future-focused organizations like TNO, Sphereon, Kamer van Koophandel, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, SURF, and many others