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Backchannel for Aries Framework .NET added to the Aries Agent Test Harness.

The Aries Agent Test Harness (AATH) is a test suite for Aries components based on the Aries protocols. It was created to verify the interoperability of a component with other Aries components by wrapping different components in into a Test Agent. The Government of British Columbia's Digital Trust Service team issued a 'Code With Us' opportunity to add a backchannel for Hyperledger Aries Framework .NET to the AATH to increase the options for interoperability testing.

Animo created the .NET backchannel implementation for the Aries Agent Test Harness with support for the existing suite of tests. This was the third backchannel implemented (others were the backchannels for ACA-Py and VCX) and the first not built on a Python base. The collaboration with the BCGov Digital Trust Service team shows what great open-source work is being done in the Hyperledger Aries community.

The Aries Agent Test Harness (AATH) is a test execution engine and set of tests for evaluating the interoperability of Aries Agents and Agent Frameworks. The tests are agnostic to the components under test but rather are designed based on the Aries RFCs and the interaction protocols documented there.

Both the The Aries Agent Test Harness and the backchannel Animo created can be found on Github. The interoperability and reach of the Aries Agent Test Harness grows as the project grows and more backchannels are added.