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Students are working with Aries Framework JavaScript to build actual SSI solutions.

Information and communications technology students from the HU University of Applied Sciences, are building innovative solutions involving self-sovereign identity and verifiable credential technology.

Aries Framework JavaScript, a TypeScript framework for building decentralized identity applications, has seen incredible growth in the past year. A grant from NGI eSSIF-LAB to extend the framework for mobile SSI development is making sure that growth continues. The framework is aiming to become the most accessible tool for self-sovereign identity solutions.

One of the ways that Animo works on the accessibility and usability of the framework is through collaborations with IT students from the HU University of Applied Sciences. In teams, these students build solutions for promising use cases using Aries Framework JavaScript. Ana Goessens, co-founder of Animo, is also involved as a lecturer at the HU. “These students are creating technical solutions using a tech stack that is still in very early phases. This means two things, firstly, what they’re doing is really difficult and a great learning experience for both the students and Animo on where the framework can be improved. Secondly, these students are actually innovating in major ways and getting to know an entirely new field of software engineering.”

The following use cases have been, or are currently being, explored:

  • Smart locks (PoC), this project aims to show how a smart lock solution can be implemented using Aries Framework JavaScript and credential proof exchange over NFC.
  • Webshop age verification, students are working on a plugin based on new EU laws for digital age verification. The plugin uses Zero Knowledge Proofs and Aries Framework JavaScript to allow users to prove their age without having to share personal information like a passport or ID.
  • Diploma issuance, in this research PoC students of the HU University of Applied Sciences are taking a close look at how their own diplomas are issued and managed and how the process could be streamlined and made more secure using verifiable credentials.
  • Mobile ticket verification, students are working on an open-source mobile application to make event access verification easy and secure using Aries Framework JavaScript.

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