Project image YOMA

UNICEF supported Yoma platform is unlocking youth potential using verifiable credential technology.

The Yoma platform is a digital marketplace that helps youth across the world to build their digital CV. Animo will be working as a tech partner with the DIDx team to grow the platform and implement key open-source functionalities.

Conceived by young Africans who saw the value in equipping youth to deal with the increasingly difficult labor market, Yoma serves to increase youth agency around the world. The platform, Youth Agency Marketplace, uses verifiable credentials to create and build a verifiable digital CV. Young people using the platform receive these credentials when accomplishing tasks and activities. They are guided by growth choices and rewarded through a digital token that can be exchanged for services (like additional learning opportunities) or basic commodities.

The underemployment levels in Africa are especially high for African youth. People have incredible difficulty getting jobs because of a lack of verifiable education and experience, as well as a mismatch in what skills employers are looking for. Yoma aims to solve this by offering personalized growth trajectories where young people can learn the skills that will improve their employment chances.

Animo is working on the self-sovereign identity infrastructure for the Yoma platform, which is completely open-source. According to Timo Glastra, who is Animo’s lead on the project: "There are a lot of open-source SSI projects, however open-source infrastructure to manage a complete ecosystem of entities was still lacking. The SSI infrastructure for Yoma is built on top of Hyperledger's Aries Cloud Agent Python and designed to be extendable, scalable and simple to consume for Yoma ecosystem partners"

To get involved with Yoma, organisations interested in finding impactful youth can register and young people interested in building a digital CV can create a Yoma account. Interested in the technical implementation, or want to build a similar solution? Contact to schedule a call!