What we do

Animo is making the internet effortless. We do what we’re good at, handling the technologically complicated stuff, so you can do what you’re good at with confidence.

Using verifiable credentials, we build systems to process any digital verification. Whether it’s an entire custom KYC process or a specific integration with a service, we make sure information can be processed securely without storing any personally identifiable information.

With verifiable credentials

You save time

Verifiable credentials make the issuing and verification of official documents become digital and quick. No more back and forth of paper copies that you then need to scan and store.

You reduce risk

You no longer need to become a data security expert just to verify the information you need. Simply send your customers requests for proof and receive a trusted and verified response that you can integrate into your digital process.

You save money

Verification can be completely automated, also as our solutions are build on open standards, you won’t be locked into expensive third party verification.

Looking for a tech partner?

We have established experience in the world of digital identity. Are you doing anything involving Hyperledger Aries/Indy, BBS+ or SSI application development? We can help you achieve the quality you are looking for in your project or product.


Our technological backbone

We work on the open source building blocks that make decentralized identity and verifiable credentials possible. We specialize in Aries framework development and implementing the newest open standards.

Animo is a core contributor to, and believer, in Aries Framework Javascript, a cross-platform SSI framework for developers focused on accessibility. We are continually working on developing consumer facing projects using Aries Framework JavaScript and building out the framework. Besides the work on Aries Framework JavaScript, Animo has done significant work on other Aries projects, such as Aries Cloud Agent Python, and the Aries Agent Test Harness.

As one of the first companies to implement zero-knowledge proof verifiable credential exchange using BBS+ credentials, Animo has hands-on experience with the latest developments and standards in the SSI space. Animo is focused on interoperability and up to date on a broad range of self-sovereign identity tools and implementations. Our experience with cross-platform mobile wallet development, combined with our expertise on lower level components, ensures that you always get quality advice and code, no matter the project.

Besides development work, Animo is involved in consultancy, education and the definition of standards on several levels. Animo is continuing to grow and focus on the topics of interoperability, accessibility and the adoption of the decentralized web.

Projects and updates

We've been able to move the industry forward in some great projects, most of which are open source and available for everyone to contribute to.