Animo Solutions was founded on the belief in individual autonomy. Our team works to create a world where people are independent and in control of their digital life. By prioritizing open source work, innovative standards and social good projects, we've been able to make a difference towards a more technologically fair world.


Psychologist turned software engineer, Ana bridges the gap between developer, specialist and end user.

Ana Goessens



Planning what the future will look like while writing the code to get us there, Karim injects creativity and vision into every project.

Karim Stekelenburg



A singularly focused developer determined to do things the right way, Timo finds methods to make your vision a reality.

Timo Glastra


Picture of Berend Sliedrecht

An efficient and practical developer with an interest in cryptography. Berend has quickly risen to become our main mobile wallet engineer.

Berend Sliedrecht


Picture of Moritz Schlichting

Moritz can handle anything we throw his way whether it is mobile component development or building cloud infrastructure for SSI agents.

Moritz Schlichting


Picture of Jan Rietveld

Young, ambitious and interested in anything Web 3.0, Jan is currently taking on Animo's product development.

Jan Rietveld